USM Sorority Bid Day 2014

I’m starting a new photo series- it’s going to be so cool. Be on the lookout for my posts! :)

Internationally known sculptor Carl Billingsley touches up his newly installed sculpture at the International Building Thursday morning. Funded by the College of Arts and Letters, this sculpture is part two of a series of four fabricated steel outdoor sculptures that will be featured on campus from Sept. 2014 to Jan. 2016.

The sculpture installation was followed by a lecture, hosted by Billingsley. He shared stories of his travels and public art projects. When asked how he got into the art of sculpting, Billignsley said, “You should have a burning desire to do it… when I walked into the sculpture studio I knew I was at home. I came alive.”

Carl Billingsley is a retired professor from East Carolina University. Within the past few years, Billingsley has been traveling around the world installing various pieces of his art in public outdoor locations, including Lativa, Costa Rica and Australia. To keep up with his adventures, visit his blog at

Red Bluff, MS. 

"Mississippi’s Miniature Grand Canyon"

USM vs. Jackson State 2013

My cats, Muffin and Mango. 

Wild deer family in Woodland Park, CO. 

Mountain Lion at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Grizzly bear at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO.

Giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO.